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Shuster's Plumbing, Home of South Jersey's Yard Saving Trenchless Pipe and Sewer Repair.

Who We Are

Shuster’s Plumbing is a first generation family owned plumbing service company based out of Marlton, NJ celebrating our 5th year in service. Our reputation has been built off quality work, reasonable prices, high recommendations and 24 hour availability for emergency services for residential and commercial. We strive on collaborating with our customers in order to provide unsurpassed quality service, with quick response times. We take the time to educate our customers with resources, preventative maintenances and future remedies that can help give longevity to their plumbing systems. Also, Shuster’s Plumbing promises to never have to worry about the pesky answering service; you will get a Plumber every time.

Shuster’s Plumbing recognizes its growth has come from the surrounding communities and with that Shuster’s Plumbing stays involved in local charitable events. We engage with our surrounding communities by giving back to local organizations and fundraisers such as Voorhees Animal Orphanage, Alex’s Lemonade stand events, residence recovery events ran by communities when a loved one has been lost or a family is in need.

Meet Bill & Laurie Shuster

Bill an owner and creator of Shuster’s Plumbing, LLC works hand in hand with his wife Laurie and mechanics. At the ripe ages of 32 and 31 Bill and Laurie Shuster have built and maintained an organization composed of superiority. This power couple is determined to live a full life while educating their sons on the necessity of working with their hands. The need for plumbers and skilled professionals is one of the benefactors to their current positions. They are a hardworking family, which puts their customers’ at top priority; working together and rebuilding a quality economy.

Shuster's Water Tank Photoshoot

Bill (right), posing gracefully along side Guy.

Bill and Laurie Shuster

Bill, pictured here with his wife, Laurie.

The Giant Plunger

The legend is real. Have you seen The Giant Plunger around your town?

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Shuster's Pluming Giant Plunger Truck
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